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AS OF 1/1/2018


 Feb 2nd-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

 Feb 3rd-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Feb 10th-Brewer Eagles (Brewer)

Feb 16 and 17 (Paul Off)

Feb 23rd-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Mar 10th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Mar 17th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Mar 24th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Mar 31st-Brewer Eagles (Brewer)

Apr 20th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Apr 28th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

May 5th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

May 19th-Lewiston Eagles (Lewiston)

June 2nd-Brewer Eagles (Brewer)

June 8th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

June 9th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

June 30th Beaverbrook Campground (Monmouth)

July 7th- Riverbend Campground (Leeds)

July 14th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

July 21st-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Aug 17th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Aug 18th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Aug 25th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Sept 15th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Sept 29th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Oct 6th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Oct 19th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Nov 10th-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Nov 17th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)

Nov 24th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Dec 21st-Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Dec 29th-Bumpa's (Brunswick)









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  • More dates to be added shortly - watch this space!



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