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AS OF 1/1/19





June 14th- VFW (Waldoboro)

June 15th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

June 22nd- Bumpas (Brunswick)

July 4th- Private Party

 July 6th- Riverbend Campgrounds (Leeds)

July 12th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

July 13th- Two Lakes Campgrounds (Oxford)

July 20th- Bumpas (Brunswick)

Aug 3rd- Two Lakes Campgrounds (Oxford)

Aug 10th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Aug 24th- Bumpas (Brunswick)

Sept 14th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Sept 21st-Bumpas (Brunswick)

 Sept 28th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Oct 12th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Oct 19th- American Legion (Rockland)

Oct 26th- Bumpas (Brunswick)

Nov 8th- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Nov 9th-Rumford Eagles (Rumford)

Nov 16th- Bumpas (Brunswick)

Nov 24th- American Legion (Rockland)

Nov 30st- Crystal Falls (Chelsea)

Dec 7th- Bumpas (Brunswick

Dec 14th- American Legion (Rockland)

Dec 31st- Bumpas (Brunswick)



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  • More dates to be added shortly - watch this space!